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Film Making – Is Film School the Only Path?

Is a film college degree really necessary to make it as a film maker in this day and age? Can a film degree really help you become a film maker at all? Does it guarantee you the career that you want if you do graduate a good film university? There is no set answer to any of these questions at all, after all, there are other factors that can determine whether or not you have what it takes to even get into a film college in the first place and how well you will do once you get there. Simply attending a school and completing a program does not give you carte blanch for anything in this world and there are many gifted film makers who will never make a single project come to life.

For many people, going to film college is not only the best way to get the information that they need and do not have, but to develop strong, professional bonds that can help them get the foot in the door in a very tough business to break into. The professional networking that people can do in their film college experience can last the rest of their lives, not only for their own filmmaking career but for other projects as well. For every small role they fill in another’s project, that is another entry that can be used for their resume.

Not everybody who is a successful film maker of any level has been to film school, but not everybody who has successfully completed film college will become a successful film maker either. For everybody who has a film college degree, there are those who do not ever make a single film in their entire lives. Simply completing an education of any kind does not guarantee that you will have a career in that field at all, especially in the super competitive fields.

The cost of film school can be very high especially if it is a prestigious school or if it a long distance from the student’s home. There are other expenses to be considered, including the cost of the equipment and the learning materials that are needed as well. While this is different from school to school, even the most basic film college can be very costly. In addition to the basic cost of the film college, you also have to figure the investment of your time, energy and creativity as well. It is also important to investigate the school’s success rate as well, making sure that the school is actually giving a solid education that will at least boost your chances for filmmaking as a career. There are alternatives to the expensive film college education however, including No Budget Film Making, the low cost alternative to the traditional film school.