Toronto International Film Festival – Showcasing the Art of Film Making

Festival was started in the year of 1976 which was known as “The Festival” in its initial stage. During that time, the festival started with the best collection of films around the world. This event is considered to be one of the most prestigious event across the world. Due to its great reputation, this Flawless event is considered to be the second most demanding Film Festival to Cannes. Every year the best films around the world get screened in this festival.

Events like this are really a great platform that provides the film makers an outstanding opportunity to showcase their creative excellence in forms of story telling in various ways. Generally in film festivals, films are categorized by their themes or their stories on the basis of which the films are made. Movie festivals usually run at least for one week. General people or masses can also come and take part in film festivals as audiences. In every film festival, on the last day of the festival, an award ceremony is organized by the founder of those events. The jury of the party gives their final verdict on the movies that to be awarded on various categories. While deciding on films to be awarded on various categories, the jury has to take into considerations a lot of things.

International Film Festival is a non competitive event that can be attended by public. This particular movie events usually held in each September in the Toronto, Ontario and Canada. The best thing about this film festival is that anybody with great creative film making talent can participate in this great Celebration. However, certain criterions are there that one has to fulfill to participate in the event.

Ultimately, we can say that the people who are interested in Celebrations or are into movie making, for them, this event will provide a great scope to explore and express their interest and talents films in front of the audience as well as film experts. So, we can simply say that film festivals are nothing but a great platform of portraying various cultural aspects in form of films.